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How many times you have been to Mac Donald? The answer would be many times. Now what's so special about Mac Donald, that kids, adults find it very interesting to visit Mac Donald? Is it the food, the ambience, service?  It's actually the combination of all three. The fact is that format is so standardized that makes it a most profitable franchising business of the world.

That's the reason that its 30, 000 outlets is operated by anybody who wants to start a new business comes through this proven concept of franchising. Franchising is a platform that enables micro, small businesses to emerge as large businesses on certain proven concepts that they have developed.Franchising has many references in the business phase.

One of the interesting references is it's the single most successful marketing concept. People go to a franchising store to experience the brand. The most structured definition would be it's a catalyst structured program, hereby the owner of the business and in this case the proven business enters in a mid or long term agreement to transform the business opportunity and the total goodwill and know how to a franchisee for the use of certain exclusive territory.

There are three things that have been highlighted in the definition. One is the term of the contract, second is the goodwill or the know how and third is the exclusive territory. The exclusive territory could be a mall, a region and in some cases it could be a country.

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