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Fun Activities

If you want to organise a team building event that leaves your team inspired, motivated and working together at a higher level, then you need the team building, conference management and event management expertise that only Tulza Event can offer your business.

The extensive Decoration event management services include:

  • Game hosts
  • Face painting
  • Mimicry cartoon char
  • Air walker
  • Jumping jack
  • Magic show
  • Game stalls
  • Mehandi artist.
  • Clown
  • DJ

Tulza Event- With dozens of different team building activities to choose from, Tulza Event can organise your next team building event, staff function, Christmas party or conference with ease. Instead of asking a team member to organise your next team building event, you can save your business time, money and lost productivity by leveraging our contacts, experience and knowledge to create a truly memorable team building experience.

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